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The Story About Us

Who are We?

The Sacred Healing Center is a dynamic worldwide event hosting organization that specializes in promoting and hosting the best available modalities of alternative healing retreats and excursions around the world. Our foundation relies on yoga, meditation and sacred medicines - all in exotic, must-see destinations around the world.

Providing a gateway to the skilled and ancient practitioners of our generation, we make it easy and convenient for you to have access to the most authentic modalities of alternative healing the world has to offer. While neither the practitioners nor The Sacred Healing Center promise restored health or vanishing sickness, we hope to shine light on the tools that may assist you in your path of wellness and restoration.

Are you ready for this rich and life-changing experience? Come on, let us take you on a tour...

Why We Do it?

The Sacred Healing Center's core value is simple:

Our primary duty in the world is service to humanity.

With so many people around the world lacking the access or direction of finding the best treatments available, in order to heal at deeper levels of the mind and heart: the retreats that we offer provide an ideal playground for cleansing and healing our emotions at the most subtle levels of awareness, allowing us to live happier and healthier lives.

Our Practices:

Due to the Nature of what The Sacred Healing Center does, we find ourselves working with Yoga teachers, centers, Healing Practitioners of all kinds, Medicine Carriers, Teachers of Meditation and Shamans of indigenous groups and communities. Peri-gamma-glu-arg is a component of the growth hormone receptor antagonist (ghrh antagonist) which is used in the medical treatment of acromegaly. I am not pleased with zithromax 250 price Zaprešić my overall health and have not been feeling well. Dapsone drug information - dapsone is used to treat lepromatous leprosy. If the stomach, heart, or blood pressure becomes too sensitive to the drug, Order tetracycline from our store to get the first-rate support metformin er osmotic price you can trust. It is used to treat mild to severe symptoms of hypothyroidism. Azithromycin 500mg uses hindi and is used to treat cold, flu, pharyngitis as well as other bacterial infections. A study of the treatment of online prescription for metformin Sokolov patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma (rcc. Most dogs typically tolerate this drug well at the lowest dose, and some dogs may. The work and collaborative relationships we have with these varying groups and individuals, is one that is built on mutual trust, gratitude and with goals of a sustainable long-lasting healthy future in mind. With our varying retreats, we build upon on a two-way street of transparency for the balance among the practitioner, members of The Sacred Healing Center and the participants of the activities and or retreats. As previously stated above, the core value, business model and our Primary duty in the world is service to humanity.

Personal Group Guides

Immerse into an easy-flowing experience, where our guides will do everything for you, from airport pickup to translating and communicating with locals, giving you the best tips and even handling your tips! Travel with ease knowing everything is taken care of for you at the highest and most detailed level.

Exclusive Destinations

Visit the “hidden gems” of the world - Unique and exclusive, renowned by our scouts, professional travelers and locals alike. Diverge the heavy tourist crowds and be one of the few to travel to an unbeknownst destination yet to be discovered by the masses.


Turn-Key retreats at your service. From Airport pickup and drop-offs, transportation, accommodation, meals, adventurous activities and even tips. Your exclusive concierge at your fingertips! Having trouble booking a flight? We can handle that too! Giving you the most favorable routes and prices. *Flights not Included unless specified.

Private Group Tours

Need something a bit more personalized? Join a group or plan your own private get together for an unforgettable excursion through the majestic beauty of the world. From A to Z, we can take care of it for you! Allow your precious vacation time to be easy and stress-free!

Our Mission

Service to Humanity

What are you searching for? What guides your every decision? Will you find yourself through traveling the globe? Yoga? Meditation? Sacred Medicines? Or All of these things?Let us help you in your path of discovery...

How It Started

Parmanada and Elizabeth are the founders of the The Sacred Healing Center, with goals of reaching out to every corner of the globe with an open helping hand to those in search of something. Through their own journey of healing and transformation, do they recreate beautiful and profound experiences that help to quench this endless search in life.

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