Yoga Retreats

Our rejuvenating all-inclusive yoga retreats give us that extra boost needed to balance out our lives, aligning both mind and body in a peaceful new atmosphere that can only be experienced in order to believe it. Our daily yoga classes are coupled with styles that will vary based on our diverse teachers from around the world and part of our Retreat Team, accommodating to both beginners and experts alike.

Meditation Retreats

We offer weekend retreats that include a 3-day class for those who would like to learn Ascension, called a First Sphere; As well as a 7 to 14 day retreat for repeat Ascenders who would like to extend and cultivate their practice in any of retreat Destinations

Our Retreats are all-inclusive, covering transportation, lodging and meals.

Sacred Medicine Ceremonies

For thousands of years plant medicine has been used by Shamans and healers alike in order to cure humanity from an array of illness and disease. Healers from around the world vary not only by location but also by the medicine utilized in their ceremonies to accomplish the task of deep physical and spiritual healing.

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​​Join us in exploring the world! We will take you on exotic excursions to a variety of amazing and beautiful hidden locations from around the world guided by our expert travelers. We'll arrange all the minute details of your trip so you can simply hop on board with us and enjoy a seamless excursion right at your fingertips.

Our excursions typically have healing activities such as Yoga, Meditation or Sacred Medicines.

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