With all our retreats we offer our Complimentary flight reservation service. This service is exclusive for our SHC Members. Becoming a member is free and easy Click here to learn more.


About our Complimentary Flight Booking Service

With most of our retreats, Flights must be purchased separately. However, this can become tricky for some people, especially when they are traveling with a group, following a tight retreat schedule or feel uncomfortable traveling by themselves or making such reservations. That's where we like to help out by offering our Complimentary Flight reservation service.

How Does it Work?

  1. Reserve your spot for your selected retreat.
  2. Let us know you would like to take advantage of this complimentary service.
  3. Give us all the required info to make your flight reservation (your Full name as it is on your Passport, birth-date and the destination/airport you will be departing from)
  4. We will then search for the most economical flight and tell you the average price. Once we get your OK, we'll send you an invoice.
  5. After paying for your flight through our invoice, we'll book your flight with the rest of the group who is also traveling to your retreat destination. You can expect to see other retreat participants in the same airplane or at the airport destination as you. You'll likely have the same itinerary as everyone else and have no worries of any travel complications!