Where do you want to go Next?

These are the Destinations of The Sacred Healing Center, where you can journey with us to any current or future retreats. Click your destination of choice to see what retreats we are currently offering!


Dive, Hike, Explore and Adventure into the Coral Reefs, Jungles, Mayan Ruins and Beaches of Belize where we have our many Yoga Retreats!


The diversity and Beauty of Mexico extents from the deserts, beaches, mountains and more! Mexico is known to be rich in its healing Sacred Medicines.


The Amazon Rainforest is filled with Medicinal Plants, some of which are unknown to us today. The Amazon is the home of the Life Changing Ayahuasca, a well known Sacred Medicine.


Exotic and rich with culture! Vietnam is a spot on the map that SHC has pin-pointed for its natural beauty, delicious food, and unique experiences!