Where is The Sacred Healing Center Located?
The Sacred Healing Center has two main locations as of 2018. One is in Belize at the Mayan Garden, the other are known as The Cabanas in the rural Mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. The Sacred Healing Center is partnered with these two locations to have its annual Yoga, Meditation and Healing retreats. In the future, The Sacred Healing Center aims to have other numerous permanent locations, however many retreats can still be attended in locations such as other parts of Mexico, Vietnam, Peru, United States, and Bali. Click on Destinations to see the new locations we are having a retreat.

What does the Sacred Healing Center do?
The Sacred Healing Center hosts retreats with a foundation on healing and travel; these retreats are designed around meditation, yoga and or sacred medicines.

What are Sacred Medicines?
In the world of plants, some are used for sacred and ceremonial purposes, to explore the spirit world. The use of these plants derives from native cultures, whose members have traditionally sought access to the supranormal through the ingestion of the plants and their preparations. The use of these plants differs from contemporary religious practices in a key way.
Additionally, the sacred plants are used for healing purposes. True healing puts into order the body, mind and spirit with the past, present and future. Such integration is possible by various means, including by the ceremonial use of the sacred plants. Throughout history these plants have been employed to heal disorders of body, mind and spirit, and today a whole new emerging body of study is currently examining the healing properties of some of these plants.

How does The Sacred Healing Center have access to these Sacred Medicines?
The Sacred Healing Center collaborates with numerous healers, shamans, guides and indigenous families who legally have access to these various sacred medicines, to further give access to individuals who are in need of the deep healing.

Does The Sacred Healing Center administer Sacred Medicines?

The Sacred Healing Center does not administer any of the Sacred Medicines that it has access to. The administration is done by trusted and experienced shamans, healers, and/ or guides that are in-directly affiliated with The Sacred Healing Center. The main purpose of the Sacred Healing Center is to facilitate in organizing the retreats that revolve around any of the healing modalities that it focus's on including Yoga, Meditation, and of course the Sacred Medicines.