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Oaxaca 10- Day Traveler’s Retreat

Oaxaca 10- Day Traveler’s Retreat

USD2495 per person

About this trip

Enjoy 10-day retreat in Oaxaca with kindred spirits and like-minded individuals. This will be a close nit group of up to 10 travelers from all over the world looking for a new way to travel and experience the world. With our retreat package you will adventure through the region with your enthusiastic guides and translators. You will enjoy Mountains, Beach and City during your 10 day retreat.  


In the mountains  you will enjoy a total of 3 nights in the quiet introspective hidden mountains of  Oaxaca. Located 2500 Meters above sea level, this story-book town has amazing breathtaking views. This place is ideal to experience a relaxing  time of meditation, great views, delicious, healthy and  homemade Oaxaca cuisine and of course participation in a Mushroom Ceremony.


We’ll enjoy 3 nights of the wonder of the Pacific Ocean by heading to a small hidden beach town known as Puerto Escondido. It is great place to enjoy an amazing beach, participate in surf classes and stretch out after your trip with some feel good yoga. You will also have the opportunity to check-out the beach nightlife and their famously unique music, so bring your dancing shoes!


You will spend a total of 3 Nights in Oaxaca City. The first night will be your arrival, and the other two nights be at the end of your trip which allow you to explore, shop and take some amazing artisan souvenirs back home. We’ll do a city tour checking out the colloquial architecture, go through the market and dine with some delicious authentic Oaxacan cuisine.   


Retreat Package Includes:

  • Full Accommodations (Double-Occupancy or Dormitory-style)
  • At Mountains: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks
  • At City: Breakfast & Dinner
  • At Beach: Breakfast & Dinner
  • Ground Transportation
  • Retreat Guide/Translator
  • Organized Mountain Hike
  • Optional Guided Meditation 
  • Optional  Hapé Ceremony
  • Unlimited Purified Water throughout trip
  • Access to Local Shops & Wi-Fi
  • Oaxaca City Market Tour (Your translators will assist)
  • 1 Mushroom Ceremony 
  • 1 Surfing Class
  • 2 Yoga Classes


During the Retreat you will…

  • Be guided by Experienced, Talented, Knowledgeable Retreat Leaders and Teachers.
  • Grow, expand and empower yourself along the journey.
  • Have downtime for Guided Yoga, Meditation or personal time.
  • Witness amazing changing views daily!
  • Partake in  1 Sacred Mushroom Ceremony
  • Partake in 1 Surfing Class
  • Partake in 2 Yoga Classes
  • Share and express in our Group Circle Gatherings
  • Be nourished by wholesome Vegetarian Mexican meals
  • Connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Refresh your old way of living into a new healthy and awakened lifestyle.


Eating healthy energizing meals is an important aspect for prepping the body to be in the most optimal state for partaking in the Mushroom Ceremonies. Wholesome food contains the Prana (energy) that fuels the body and mind. Our vegetarian Mexican meals help promote a healthy diet during your retreat.


Cabins are rustic styled double occupancy with a chimney. They have two full beds with a private bathroom. Bathrooms have hot water, towels. Cabins are on the sides of the mountain with balconies and amazing views! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided. Snacks and Purified water is also provided. 
Boutique Hotel accommodations will be provided at the Beach. It provides adults only accommodations with a bar, a shared lounge and a  garden. Among the facilities at this property are room service and a concierge service, along with free WiFi throughout the property. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, evening  entertainment and a shared kitchen. At the hotel, all rooms have a terrace. Selected rooms also offer a kitchen with a fridge, a stove top and a toaster. All rooms include a seating area. A Continental Breakfast will be provided.  Dinner is also provided; upon gathering together, we will have dinner “family style”. Lastly, the Beach is a 3-minute walk from the hotel. 
Hotel /Hostel accommodations will be provided in the City of Oaxaca. Rooms are double occupancy or dormitory style. Breakfast and Dinner will be provided as we will convene together during these times. Midday you have the opportunity for individual exploring or assisted exploring with our translators. This will give you the best opportunity to not get swindled with the “tourist price tag” Our translators will kindly negotiate prices on your behalf with locals in our Market tour. For market lovers, there’s no better state than Oaxaca. Nothing competes with the famed, sprawling indoor and street markets  in heavily indigenous Oaxaca. Here are the best markets in the region  where you can find anything from one-of-a-kind artwork to locally  produced coffee.You will also have the chance to eat lunch by exploring the different authentic Mexican street foods such as deliciously rich fresh cut fruit, and traditional street foods/dishes such as Memelas, Tetelas, Tlayudas, Oaxacan Empanadas, Chapulines,Tamales Oaxaqueños, Tejate, Elotes and much more! 
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  • Departure/Return Location
    Oaxaca City
  • Dress Code
    Casual Warm Lounge/backpacker & beachwear
  • Included
    Access to Wifi
    Airport Pickup/Dropoff
    Excursions & Tours
    Sacred Medicine Ceremonies
    Unlimited Purified Water
  • Not Included
    Ayahuasca Ceremonies
    Cooking Class
    Morning Tea
    Resort Amenities
    Retreat Facilitator
    Yoga Blocks
    Yoga Mats

Tour Plan

Day 1 Arrival to Oaxaca City
You should arrive 1 day in advance of your retreat or will meet up with our retreat leaders as the designated meeting spot on the start start date of the retreat by 5:00 PM or later. If you are arriving the day of your retreat we will organize a complimentary airport pickup. You will check-in your hotel, and have a meet and greet dinner with all the retreat participants.
Day 2 Travel to the Mountains
Day 2 we will travel together up to the mountains. We'll eat breakfast together, and take van transportation up the mountains. Once arrived at the mountains we'll check-in to our mountain cabana accommodations, eat lunch and explore the town. By dinner time we'll have a light dinner to prep to body for our next morning Mushroom ceremony.
Day 3 Mushroom Ceremony
The start of this day will begin with some guided meditation and a fasted breakfast. You'll then have the opportunity to participate in healing Mushroom Ceremony. You'll day's journey may end with an organized hike or a group circle gathering. Ultimately we'll dine with hearty dinner together at the end of the day.
Day 4 Depart to the Beach
By the 4th day we'll say our goodbye to the mountains for now; we'll have breakfast and travel via van transport to the beach. We'll be at the beach by around lunch time. Once at the beach we'll check into our hotel rooms and have free time to explore and pick up lunch on our own time. We'll convene back together again before dinner and participate in a yoga class. We'll finish the day off with dinner together.
Day 5 Surf Time
We'll start the day of with some easy sunrise yoga, breakfast and then head to the beach to relax and enjoy the sand, sun and water. After lunch we'll meet up in the afternoon and begin our surf lessons. We'll meet at the day with a group gathering and dinner together. Then we'll end the night by exploring the night life!
Day 6 Relaxing Recovery Beach Day
This will be an easy going day, filled with free time to tan, swim and just relax on the beach. Take all the time you need to explore, shop, meet new people, or take advantage of your last day on the beach.
Day 7 Our Journey Back
By the 7th Day we'll be making our way back to Oaxaca city. We'll have breakfast check-out and head back up the mountains. Once in the mountains you'll have the opportunity to get any last minute mountain souvenirs and your last chance to take in the mountain views and beauty. We'll stay the night in the mountains and have lunch and dinner there as well. By morning time we'll depart back to the city of Oaxaca
Day 8 To the City of Oaxaca
After breakfast, we'll depart to the city of Oaxaca. Once checked into our hotel room you have some down time to rest or explore on your own or with your guides. We'll convene together towards the evening and dine in an Authentic Oaxacan restaurant of your guides special choice for you.
Day 9 Oaxacan Market
After breakfast together, we'll head to the market to explore and shop! You'll witness the beautiful culture that Oaxaca has to offer and find some of the finest artisanal works within the market. Your translators will be there if you need them for negotiating or for communicating in general. Within the market you'll have the opportunity to try any number the unique street foods! By the end of the day we'll retire to our rooms , prep for tomorrows departure and come together for our final dinner.
Day 10 Departure
By morning time we'll have our final breakfast together, we'll check out of our hotel by 11:30 AM and everyone will take their taxis to the airport for their flights.

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August 18-27, 2020


Retreat Package Prices


10 Day Retreat (Single Traveler)- $2,495 USD per person


10 Day Retreat (Couple's Special Price)- $2,100 USD per person

  EXPIRES July 15th, 2020


10 Day Retreat (4 person Special Price)- $1,999 USD per person

EXPIRES July 20th, 2020


About Oaxaca

Colorful, diverse, and delicious: these words describe Oaxaca in a nutshell. Candy-colored buildings line the streets, each as lively as the next. The region's many indigenous groups sell a variety of unique crafts and textiles, and the smells emanating from the markets will surely tempt you with some of Mexico's most flavorful dishes. Combined with a temperate climate and a supremely walkable layout, Oaxaca is easy to love and hard to leave.

The Mountains: A Magical Town

There is nothing luxurious about this little mountain town or even the  accommodations that our retreat provides, but there is something about this place that is so priceless in its luxuriousness, you have to experience it yourself to truly understand. This retreat location was selected as one of The Sacred Healing Center's retreat locations for it's safe availability of its sacred plant medicines of the commonly know "Magic Mushrooms". At this location, you will have a guide to take you safely up the mountains where you will reach this quaint and cozy town known for its Magic Mushrooms. For centuries these magic mushrooms have used by the indigenous people for healing, vision quests, and divination. Besides these spiritually healing experiences, they have also been known to have permanent healing effects on a variety of mental and behavioral disorders. Some might include obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction to smoking, alcohol and even depression. But this story-book mountain town in Oaxaca, is not just a magical place because of the healing mushrooms, it is also home to some of the most amazing mountains and breathtaking views you will ever see! Coupled with the wonderment of peaceful yet vibrant energy, the kind locals and organic local authentic Mexican cuisine, makes this place a truly magical and ideal location to get away  from everything and fine tune your Self.  

The Beach: Hidden Paradise

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca: Sandy beaches and palm trees silhouetted against a blue sky. Young surfers and middle-aged sun-seekers on the beach at Zicatela. Fresh fruit at the market. Fresh and distinctive Oaxacan cuisine at a local restaurant. This is Puerto Escondido, Mexico, a sun-drenched Mexican paradise whose beaches attract visitors from everywhere. You can expect some of the best Pacific waves to surf and good vibes at this beach location!

The City: Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City (pronounced "wa-HA-ka"), the capital of the state of Oaxaca, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a beautiful colonial city with a rich indigenous heritage, that is nestled in a Y-shaped valley in the Sierra Madre mountain range of southern Mexico. Oaxaca is known for its rich cultural traditions, beautiful handicrafts, delicious food and striking architecture.
Oaxacan handicrafts are famous. Some of the most sought-after items are:
  • Zapotec woolen rugs and tapestries
  • Black pottery
  • Wood carvings called "alebrijes"
Oaxaca is also known for its distinctive cuisine. Dishes such as mole (pronounced mol-ay), a thick sauce prepared with chiles and chocolate are a delight, as are quesillo and tlayudas.
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